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Obake Kawaii

Obake Party!
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a community for spooky themed kawaii characters
   Hello! Welcome to obakekawaii, the first and only community on livejournal dedicated to the spooky world of kawaii! This community was created for any fan or collector to post anything related to the darker side of kawaii this can include but is not limited to scans of memo pads, sticker sheets, letter sets, etcetera, character profiles, images and links of spooky but kawaii styled art. Sales post are allowed but ads must cater to our spooky needs only! When making image posts, please upload to your own image host such as photobucket.com, tinypic.com and so on and so forth. Stealing bandwidth is not kawaii! Please be courteous to our members' pretty layouts and resize images that are too large or put them behind a cut. Thank you for joining our adorably sinister community. Have fun and post lots!